End boredom with over hours of independent play!

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Kids bored?

You know the signs...

  • cranky kids
  • too much screen time
  • fights erupt
  • everyone gets frustrated

What if your kids could...

  • entertain themselves
  • keep busy without the screen
  • build social skills while playing
  • learn while having a blast

We have absolutely LOVED these printables! The bundle has spurred so much imaginative play from my son where he would play independently and let me have a chance to drink my coffee while it was hot.

It’s become our favorite morning activity! He’ll select what to play as and then I get to either watch his brain work or join in the fun myself! It’s definitely a hit in our house! 

- Anna L.

from ClassicAnna.com

Want to start your day with a cup of coffee while the kids happily play?
You totally deserve to!


Make play time EASY & educational!

Math Skills
Practice skills like addition, subtraction, counting, money, sequencing & sorting

Literacy Skills
Promote reading, writing, matching, & filling out forms with easy to use pages

Social Skills

Learn your address, practice communication & brush up on situational skills

Hours of fun with over 200 pages!

  • Open/Closed Signs
  • Order Form
  • Donut Box Craft
  • Color Sheets
  • Name Tags
  • Directional Signs
  • Park Map
  • Warning Signs
  • Camping Items Matching
  • Check-in Form
  • Dental Care Tracker
  • Brushing Teeth Sequencing
  • Healthy Foods Sorting
  • Parts of a Tooth
  • Phones to Practice Dialing 9-1-1
  • Safety Signs
  • Fire Fighter Certificate
  • Fire Hat Craft
  • Pizza Banner
  • Menu
  • Pizzas & Toppings
  • Order Form & Checks
  • Order Form
  • Money
  • Seed Packets
  • Shop Signs
  • Report Card
  • Today's Weather
  • Alphabet Chart
  • Weekly & Monthly Plans
  • Coupons
  • Department Signs
  • Food Group Sorting
  • Name Tags
  • Body Part X-rays
  • Patient Chart
  • X-ray Order Form
  • Clinic Signs
  • Treasure
  • Pirate Counting Activity
  • Pirate Hat Craft
  • Map & Pirate Props
  • How Many Tools Activity
  • Tool Cards
  • Shop Signs
  • Tool Checklist
  • Pet Info Form
  • Appointment Schedule
  • Vet Clinic Labels
  • Diagnosis Form

All of this for only $19!


Entertaining the kids can be stressful.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • With work & school responsibilities, your to do list is full.
  • Between dinner & the laundry you're too tired to think straight.
  • Weekends are filled with obligations and family time gets overlooked.

No worries, Mom.

The Ultimate Pretend Play Bundle is the #1 dramatic play set that kids love!

Keeping the kids busy has never been easier with this HUGE play set bundle.

  • Cross a few things off your to do list while the kids play independently.
  • Pull together a fun afternoon in minutes.
  • Enjoy family bonding & play together.

I am so impressed with the Ultimate Pretend Play Bundle. It has everything one could possibly need to set up brilliantly designed creative play opportunities! Not only does it have shop sets, career exploration and props, but the various themes have 3D crafts, shop decorations, learning resources and activities and even a life size skeleton X-ray! My daughters are loving getting to explore new jobs and locations while playing.

- Mary W.

from WheredMySanityGo.com

So much fun for only $19.00


Hey there! I'm Dawn.

I'm a former preschool teacher/ homeschool mom to 3 awesome adult kids. I spend my days helping moms teach their kids while having a good time.

It's always been my goal to create fun activities that we can do together as a family.

This ultimate play set bundle is designed to help you make memories & promote learning through creative play.

Got questions?
No problem I've got answers!

How many pages are in the sets?

The twelve sets have 15-20 pages each, bringing the total to 198 pages in the bundle.

How do I use the pages?

Print the printable pages and the fun begins. Kids can use the pages to set up their own shop, play pretend as a firefighter, learn about food groups, and so much more!

How are refunds handled?

Due to the digital nature of this bundle, we do not offer refunds. If you need help accessing your product, please contact our support team.

It's time to make life easier...

Hours of creative play that:

  • Improves writing skills with fun to fill out forms.
  • Encourages reading with signs that label areas of your shop.
  • Help kids learn sequencing.
  • Makes identification fun with games kids love.
  • Teaches social skills like problem-solving & descriptive storytelling.

Normally $60,
but you'll pay only $19!

(Whoa, that's more than 65% off!)